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2013 Ford Escape Hands Free Power Liftgate

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2013 Ford Escape Spy Shots Front View Pictures

in the city 2013 Ford Escape, Fordissued a direct two variants were identified using different materials and rim sizes. Different exhaust designs, single and twin mufflers, also reinforce these perceptions. 2013 Ford Escape Spy Shots Front View Pictures Automatically speculation arose that the 2013 Ford Escape will spend three engine variants. First, type 2.5-liter as used today. Two other variants, 1.6-liter and 2.0 liter, turbo seems to be us…

2013 Ford Focus ST Pictures

2013 Ford Focus ST – U.S. carmaker Ford, announced that its Focus variants will be launched worldwide in 2013 or 40 countries. Ford Focus Hatchback is present in the model, five-door. 2013 Ford Focus ST Pictures Ford Focus ST has been introduced to the public at the Paris Motor Show, in September last year. The latest generation Ford Focus has become the world’s attention after Ford revealed this variant to be present in 40 countrie…

2013 Ford F150 Facelift Pictures

2013 Ford F-150 Facelift – Ford F-Series is one of the best-selling car of all time, in addition to the Volkswagen Beetle and Toyota Corolla. Although it is not occupying the position of number one again, but Ford still continue to develop this excellent series truck. Recently the American manufacturer has just officially introduced the facelift of the new Ford F150 in Waco, Texas. 2013 Ford F150 Facelift Pictures Ford conducted a reshuff…

2013 Ford Explorer Sport Pictures

2013 Ford Explorer Sport – Ford Motor Company gave the official price for the variant Explorer Sport 2013. This model will be priced at USD40.720 without the 825 USD destination charge. 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Pictures As reported Inautonews, Saturday (06/09/2012), the manufacturer from the United States spawned a 2013 Ford Explorer Sport with the most powerful engine. 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Interior Seats Pictures 2013 Ford Explorer…

2013 Ford Escape SUV for SEMA Vaccar Urban Escape Adventurer

Automakers blue oval logo appeared very serious SEMA Shows greet event that will take place October 30 to November 2. After a couple of days ago revealed four units of the Ford Fusion sedan and five Ford Focus ST for the benefit of SEMA, this time Ford launched the concept drawings of the three SUVs to be displayed, that is, two units of the 2013 Ford Escape, and is also a unit of 2013 Ford Explore. 2013 Ford Escape SUV for SEMA Vaccar Urban Es…